Working from home tips: Nikki Thomas, Winning in Work

Turning on the TV for a bit of background noise might seem like a good idea when working from home, but it can be one of the biggest distractions. Nikki Thomas suggests listening to music instead. Here are some of Nikki’s other tips when working from home:

1. Write a to-do list and stick to it

When working from home we can get distracted by the things around us, but in order to stay productive write a to-do list for the day with your urgent business items and stick to it.

2. Turn the TV off 

So many of us put the TV on in order to have some background noise when working. Choose to listen to music or a podcast instead to stay more productive.

3. Set a reminder to move from your desk 

Without distractions from colleagues we can work for hours without a break. So set a reminder every 45 mins to stretch, grab some water and move away from the screen. It will benefit your well-being in the long run and help reduce burn out.

Nikki Thomas is Founder of Winning in Work, a coaching, training and workplace collaboration consultancy helping people love the work they do and do the work they love. 

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