Working from home tips: Dr Melissa Keogh

I am a huge fan of setting alarms in my phone – not just for appointments, but as a trigger for other beneficial activities throughout the day. This might be a motivational mantra, or a reminder for a self-care activity, such as meditation or exercise. I love Melissa’s use of alarms to structure her day, as well as her other working from home tips below:

1. Have a daily routine for work days and set multiple alarms to help you stick to it

For example, set four alarms a day to remind you of a) your shower at 8am, b) to log on at 9am c) have lunch at 12.30pm and d) log off at 5pm.

You may be more likely to keep to your routine if you’ve already made a personal promise to yourself, in this case, by way of setting a number of alarms.

2. Get fresh air and twenty minutes of sunshine every day where possible

The D- Minder App can help you determine how much sun is good for you without burning.

3. Have at least 2 hours of wind down time before sleep

No computers, no emails, no phones. Get someone else in the home to change your passwords until the morning of you have to.

Dr Melissa Keogh is a Sydney based clinical psychologist in private practice, writer/columnist and media commentator. Learn more at

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