How to make decisions: Flip it

While waiting for my coffee one morning, the conversation with my barista turned to the topic of decision making.  

What do you do when you have two or three choices, but can only have one? 

Our conversation was in relation to our kids having a certain amount of pocket money to spend, but they can only buy one thing. “Flip a coin”, my wise barista announced confidently. “Heads = this, tails = that. If you’re disappointed with the outcome, then pick the other thing.” 

The penny quite literally dropped. Very true, I thought – either way you’ve made a decision by forcing your gut to make the call. Deep down we all have a preference, but are often influenced by other factors: what others will think, price, the “sensible” choice, etc. 

This strategy can be used for anything from kid’s toys to what to do on the weekend, what outfit to wear, or where to go on holiday. 

Try it! The Next time you’re stuck between two options, grab a coin and flip it…you might be surprised what happens. 

How do you work through decisions? 

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