A Year of Love: Finding Peace one day at a time

Imagine if a single word could change your life.

What if I told you the key to a peaceful life is one little four-letter word (and no, not the one that starts with F!). The word I’m referring to is LOVE.

More than ever, our world needs love. So, what is love, and how can we get more in our lives? A Year of Love: Finding peace one day at a time details my journey when I selected “love” as my word of the year and focused on bringing more love to every aspect of my life – every day for a year.

In this book, I explore how love enhanced my relationships with my family and friends, my health and wellbeing, as well as my connection with nature and the world around me. My Year of Love was challenging at times, but by the end of the year, I had experienced remarkable personal growth.

Each chapter of this book shares actionable steps or “Love Lessons” that you can implement in your own life. In reading this book, I hope you are inspired to embark on your word of the year journey and have the opportunity to experience for yourself how one word can change your life, a day at a time.

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