Working from home tips: Alison Roberts-Tse, Dance Dispatches

I’m an early riser, and a big advocate of allocating some time for myself in the morning, rather than jumping straight into emails, which is also one of Alison Roberts-Tse’s working from home tips. “As a freelancer, as well as an employee who has been working from home during the pandemic, my top three tips when working from home include”:

1. Wake up a little earlier for a bit of ‘you’ time before logging in

Although you may be tempted to roll out of bed just before you need to sign in and begin your work, it’s healthier to allow yourself a bit of personal time before you dive into your business inbox. Normally, you’d mull over personal issues during your commute to and from work; but without one, you should schedule some time to decompress.

2. Leave your snacks in the kitchen

The benefits are two-fold. It will prevent absent-minded over-eating; and it will encourage you to get up throughout the day. Otherwise, it’s all too easy to stay glued to your seat. Even short breaks away from the screen allow you to stretch your muscles and give your eyes a chance to rest.

3. Keep your desk clean

There’s a good chance that your home desk is covered with personal items, as well as your necessary work from home kit. A cluttered desk makes focusing difficult, so when you ‘transition’ to work every day, remove items that are potentially distracting.

Alison Roberts-Tse is the founder and editor of Dance Dispatches, a digital publication that celebrates dance around the world.

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