Working from home tips: Natasha, Snacks With Bite

For many of us, working from home means we have acquired additional time that was previously allocated to commuting to and from work. We love Natasha’s tip of using this time for exercise, which becomes an excellent transition period between work and home time. Natasha shares more of her helpful tips below: 

1. Stick to your normal work routine as much as possible! 

Get up at the same time as you would a normal workday, put on some make up, get dressed into smart casual clothes. This is all about mindset and ensuring you have cues that tell your brain you are at work.

2. Have a workstation set up

This is important to me, as the WFH line between work and home is blurred. My office/desk area symbolises work and when I am way from my desk I am at home. At the beginning of working from home I never really got the time to shut off, my computer was in my lounge room and I found myself jumping on to check email late into the evening. It’s about quality not quantity, and a clean, relaxing and inspiring work space has really helped me remain productive. It also helps that I have a Snacks With Bite snack box at my desk, so I don’t go wandering into the kitchen and get distracted.

3. Use your commute time wisely

A good portion of my day used to be commuting to work. Now working from home, I have started using my commute time to exercise. The commute home was where I would decentralise from the workday and switch into my personal time. I have really benefited from exercising; it really helps with stress and boost my mood.

Natasha is the CEO of Snacks With Bite, an Australian based healthy snack delivery subscription service for home and offices. 

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