The Joy of Journaling: Ana Angelique

The Joy of Journaling: Ana Angelique

Journaling is an incredible tool for releasing thoughts that can get stuck in an ‘endless loop’ inside our head, which is one of the reasons Ana Angelique is drawn to journaling, as she shares below:

1. Why do you keep a journal? What do you think are the main advantages of journaling?

I write to get my thoughts out of my head so that they don’t float in endless circles and clutter my thinking. I write to sort out my thoughts and gain clarity and answers to my own questions. Journaling is good for general mental health.

2. How long have you kept a journal for and why did you start?

It’s only been the last few years that I’ve been keeping a journal religiously. I (re) started because there was just so many things going on in my life, that I just had to get them out. I also didn’t have anyone that I could really talk to (without judgement) about what I was going through and thinking.

3. How often do you write in your journal – have you established a regular habit, or do you just write when you need to? How much do you write?

I write when I feel the need, but it’s usually every other day.

4. What sort of journal do you write in? Do you write by hand in a notebook or electronically on your computer or other device?

I typically write in my journal by hand, with a calligraphy pen. I have a purpose-bought hardcover notebook for it and have accumulated a few over the years. I do however, type it out if there’s a lot to write out and the thoughts are coming through really fast, as I can type faster than I can write. I’ve only done that a few times though. I also have a blog online that I add to, twice a month, which include thoughts that aren’t just personal ones.

5. Do you have any challenges journaling, e.g. not writing as consistently as you’d like, not having time to write, not knowing what to write, finding the right journal, etc.

I write when I feel the need to so I don’t have an issue with journaling. I have also written an article on journaling, which was published in Brainz magazine.

Ana Angelique is a wellbeing life coach and mentor who’s had her articles published in several magazines. Ana believes that everyone should live their best and most authentic life, and provides the tools and knowledge for people to do so. With an extensive international corporate background, Ana is able to relate to and understand the real challenges faced by people every day, and empowers her clients to overcome their obstacles and actualise their wellbeing goals. Learn more at and check out Ana’s blog,

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