Tips for finishing 2020 strong: #1 FOCUS

The finish line is in sight, but it feels like many of us just need that extra little push (or a fruit mince pie or two) to get us over the line. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing some of the tips and things I’ll be doing to stay on track so I can finish this challenging year on a high. I’d love to hear how you’re travelling over this last month of 2020, so I encourage you to share your tips and experiences in the comments as we go:-) Here’s to the end of this year! 

TIP#1: Focus

I saw this quote today and it really resonated, because I feel like much of 2020 has been spent chasing lots of bunnies – uncertain times seem to draw the bunnies out! 

“If you run after two hares you’ll catch neither.” – Proverb

Don’t get me wrong, most of these bunnies have lead to awesome opportunities, but I can’t help wonder if I would have arrived where I was headed sooner if I’d have focused more. This is what I’ll be doing in December. I’m working on two main work projects and THAT’S IT! Here’s how I’m going to stay focused this month:

1. Remove things from my To Do List

A wise mentor recently challenged me to “remove” some things from my To Do List, rather than adding anything to it, or trying to complete it. It’s a genius idea, because it really challenges our thought patterns. We are so focused on trying to get through the list, rather than challenge the necessity of everything on the list in the first place. Removing items from your list could simply mean renegotiating deadlines to next year, or delegating so the job still gets done, and you maintain your sanity. What can you remove from your To Do List?

2. Schedule

To ensure the things I need to do don’t get pushed aside, I’m going to schedule them in my diary. This includes self-care activities, such as exercising, sleeping, meditating, eating well, etc. I’ve planned out the days I plan on running and going to the gym, and will make sure I attend my chiro appointment, etc. When we get busy, self-care activities are often the first to fall by the wayside (especially sleep!), which is why we often fall ill. The work will happen – that’s a given. It’s the other things keeping the wheels on the wagon we need to focus on.  

3. Less is more

For me, the joy of the Christmas lies in connecting with people face-to-face (which has been challenging this year) by catching up over a drink or a meal. Because a number of the annual events I usually go to at this time of year have been cancelled, the events that remain have become even more precious. I am planning on attending these events with gusto and energy (rather than hoping from one event to another as in previous years), and won’t feel guilty for doing so.  

These are the three ways I’m going to focus over the next few weeks, I’d love to hear about your plan of attack for the rest of the year – please share in the comments below…

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