Working from home tips: Bronte Cresswell, Dash of Milk

Working from home. You either love it or hate it. For some it’s been an easy transition, for others, one of the biggest challenges of 2020. The challenges of working from home often stem from the environment you are working from (or trying to!). The type of work you do, coupled with other variables such as family, home office (or lack of), and technology can make or break the Working from Home Experience. We’ve connected with some experts for our latest blog series featuring tips about working from home, because chances are working from home is here to stay. 

Bronte Cresswell from Dash of Milk shares her top tip below: 

The hardest part of working from home for me is distractions resulting in lack of productivity, so when I write my to-do list I add time-frames to them, such as inbox cleared by 9:30am, client social schedule drafted by 11:00am and lunch at 12:30pm. This makes sure I can track exactly how I am going and makes sure I don’t get behind!

Bronte Cresswell is the owner and director of the Sunshine Coast based social media agency, Dash of Milk Agency Connect at @dashofmilkagency. 

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