Three reasons why audiobooks will change your life

I first started listening to audiobooks as a kid: nursery rhymes, Mr Men, Paddington – all the best stories.

As an adult, audiobooks were challenging…cassettes players became defunct, and an average-length audiobook on CD required a stack of CDs – not conducive for lugging around when travelling or exercising.

Enter smart phones, then Audible. What, you mean I can download this whole book onto my phone?! GENIUS!

Suddenly, as a mum of small children, audiobooks became my world again – when I was folding the washing, when I was vacuuming, when I was exercising, hell, even when I was breastfeeding in the middle of the night! I went through a period where I was driving and spending a lot of time in the car, and audiobooks came to my rescue again.

Over the last few years, I’ve read and listened (but mostly listened) to over 50 books a year. Last year was my record: 71 books!

Can you imagine what consuming that many books can do to your life?

It’s life changing.

Jim Rohn once wisely said, “read all the books”. And thanks to audiobooks, I’ve made a fair dint!

Here are my top reasons why audiobooks will change your life:

1.  Audiobook are great for people who can’t, or don’t like to read
My husband has never enjoyed reading (weirdo! Love you, Honey😉). A couple of years ago I put on Jane Harper’s The Dry on our annual car-trip north to see the rellies and he was hooked! We even sat in the car for a bit longer when we arrived home, just so we could listen to the ending!
Poor eyesight, dyslexia, or other reading difficulties can make reading slow and difficult for many people. Even if you’re simply a slow reader (like me), audiobooks allow you to fully immerse yourself into a story without worrying about the frustration of how long it’s taking you to get through the book.
2. You can listen anywhere
Thanks to the invention of the smart phone, and wireless headphones, you can:
-Listen to an audiobook in the bath
– Listen to an audiobook while cleaning (it certainly makes cleaning a more rewarding activity!)
– Listen to an audiobook while driving
– Listen to an audiobook while exercising (nothing like a gripping novel to keep you running for a few more minutes!)
– Listen to an audiobook while travelling (tough this year, but they a life-savers on long car trips).

3.  You can learn as you listen
Audible has an abundance of books in any genre for you to choose from. Escape to another world with a fiction book, or put boring hours of driving or exercising to good use by learning a new skill, brushing up on history, or enhancing your personal development.
I personally adore audiobooks so much I also narrate them professionally. 
Check out the latest audiobook I have narrated for Audible, Tell Me Why by Australian author, Sandi Wallace. Tell Me Why is the first in the Georgie Harvey and John Franklin series (yes, there are 3 more once you devour this one, as I did!). Also available on Amazon as hardcopy or e-book. This series is Aussie rural crime fiction at its best!

If you live in the US or UK and you’d like a free copy, drop me an email to Likewise if you’re seeking a professional narrator for your next release, get in touch – I’d love to chat😊

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