Look where you want to go

Look where you want to go

Many years ago, when I was learning to snowboard, I remember explaining to my husband, “It’s weird, when I go down the slope I look out for obstacles/other people and try to avoid them, but as soon as I spot them it’s like my board is magnetically drawn to them and I start heading towards them!”. He (a veteran snow boarder) chuckled as he said, “Ah, that’s because you need to look where you want to go! Don’t look at the obstacles – just focus on the course you want to take down the slope.” As soon as I tried this strategy, remarkably, I became less of a liability/human snowball down the slope. 

This is the true for many situations in life. In fact, I’ve often heard it said that if you lose control of your car on a wet road, for example, rather than fight it and risk overcorrecting, simply look where you want the car to go – often you’re able to regain control.  

I love applying this principle to dreams and goal setting too. Rather than focusing on what we don’t want, it’s more beneficial to focus on what we DO want, and the direction we want to head in. 

What are your goals and dreams for 2023? What do you want more of this year?
Look where you want to go.

PS: My snowboarding skills are still a work in progress, but at least I can avoid other people now 😊