Creating Order Tip #1: Define what matters in your life.

Creating Order Tip #1: Define what matters in your life.

Aaaaand just like that it’s October!

How are you travelling?

If I’m completely honest, I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by family, work and life and in general lately. I’m craving a little more order in my life at the moment, which is why I have chosen the word “order” as my Word of the Month.

This month I will be sharing some mindset shifts, tips, and strategies that I’m implementing in my own life to create more order, as well as some inspiring quotes to keep me on track. I hope you find these helpful too 🙂

Once we have determined the things that matter to us most in life, this helps us gain clarity around where we need to invest our time.

Make a list of the 10 most important things in your life right now. Below is my current list to give you some ideas:
1. My family and pets
2. My business
3. Writing
4. Time in my garden/nature
5. Running/exercise
6. Reading
7. Travelling to and exploring new places (especially with friends)
8. Trying new food
9. Being creative
10. Learning new skills

What DOESN’T appear on this list is cleaning and organising my house, yet that always seems to take up waaaay more time in my week than I’d like (although you’d question that if you visited my house!). So this makes me question what I can do to change this, such as getting family members to help out a bit more, streamlining tasks, or even outsourcing some jobs.

Your list will probably also change over time, as life continues to change around us.

The key is making sure the things that light us up have a solid place in our lives, because when things such as work or other people take over, we start to feel compromised. This has a negative impact on the feeling of balance and order in our lives.