The Joy of Journaling: Nicholas Derkowski

The Joy of Journaling: Nicholas Derkowski

Accessibility is one of the challenges many people face when it comes to journaling. However, by carrying a pocketbook with him, Nicholas is able to jot down ideas on the fly. Nicholas shares some of his other thoughts and tips on journaling below…

1. Why do you keep a journal? What do you think are the main advantages of journaling?

I like keeping a journal because it keeps me focused on what matters, it lets me solidify the important bits of the day.

2. How long have you kept a journal for and why did you start?

I started keeping a journal during my freshman year in college as a way to deal with stress.

3. How often do you write in your journal – have you established a regular habit, or do you just write when you need to? How much do you write?

I write in my journal at least once a day, sometimes if I have a brief moment of insightfulness I will jot it down.

4. What sort of journal do you write in? Do you write by hand in a notebook or electronically on your computer or other device?

I always keep my little pocketbook in my bag for easy access.

5. Do you have any challenges journaling, e.g. not writing as consistently as you’d like, not having time to write, not knowing what to write, finding the right journal, etc.

One challenge I have with journaling is if I have an especially busy day that I may forget, but I make it up the next day!

Nicholas Derkowski

Nick Derkowski is the owner/operator at TrailHead Coffee, where the focus is on feeling as good about the coffee as it tastes. A portion of every sale goes to National and local parks. Learn more at

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