The Joy of Journaling: Amber Annette

The Joy of Journaling: Amber Annette

“I truly believe that the power of my daily journaling is what has brought and continues to bring me so success,” says Amber Annette of her established journaling practice. Amber also teaches all of her clients how to have “Coffee with the Universe”, and journal the answers and clarity that arises. Amber shares some of her other tips and thoughts on her journaling practice below:

1. Why do you keep a journal? What do you think are the main advantages of journaling?

I use my journal as a way to document the emotions I am feeling, my wants and desires, and the actions that I take that are always moving me towards what I want in my life and business. After almost 10 years of doing this process, I have tons of past journals to reference and read to see how I have transformed and how I did it! I love to reflect through journaling just how far I have come.

2. How long have you kept a journal for and why did you start?

Almost 10 years. I started because as an entrepreneur, I was having daily mindset challenges and needed a place to process the thoughts and emotions I was feeling as well as to document new ideas I had.

3. How often do you write in your journal – have you established a regular habit, or do you just write when you need to? How much do you write?

I write almost everyday, it isn’t just a habit, it is a HAVE TO! I miss it when I don’t. I crave the clarity and connection that now only comes when my pen hits the paper. Some days I write a page or more. Other days it might be one sentence. I give what I can in the moment.

4. What sort of journal do you write in? Do you write by hand in a notebook or electronically on your computer or other device?

I used to go and get a new journal every year. But my favourite paper to write on is normal notebook paper, so now I just write it on that, and put it in a binder where I save everything from the year. I absolutely love this process and it makes it so much easier to go back and reference because I organize it with divider tabs.

5. Do you have any challenges journaling, e.g. not writing as consistently as you’d like, not having time to write, not knowing what to write, finding the right journal, etc.

Sometimes I get bored with the process, so I will change it up and colour or paint, pull oracle cards, etc. But most often I just like writing what I have going on inside of me.

Amber Annette is a soul-powered life & business coach, dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs do what
sets their soul on fire. She primarily focuses on:
• Messaging for your brand
• Marketing for your business
• Soulful sales of your services
Through coaching, intuitive insight, plus her savvy financial and business background, she inspires women to fully step into who they desire to be and create the life and business, income and impact they are here to create!
Amber is also a mom to 4, ranging in ages from 5-24! So when she’s not building her business, or working with a client, you will find her at one of her children’s baseball games, or enjoying the lake with her family and friends in MN.
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