What I’m looking forward to this year

Last week was my first “proper” week back at work since the start of the year, thanks to the school holidays (cue happy dance). 

The bliss of uninterrupted time at my desk last week gave me the space I needed for some reflection. Even though I’d set my goals for the year in early January, this was the first time I’d had to review them and establish a plan of action for achieving them. As I was reviewing my goals, I could feel the excitement building inside me – I had set some awesome goals and couldn’t wait to get going and achieve them. As I continued to look at them, the penny suddenly dropped. These were no longer goals – they were the things I was most excited about this year. To honour of the joy these goals give me every time I think of them, I have renamed my 2021 Goals to my “Excitement List” – here it is, in no particular order:

1. Finishing my book (update: IT’S DONE!!!)

2. Starting my new book 

3. Creating my podcast

4. Visiting family and friends in Queensland

5. Reading and listening to more amazing books

6. Meeting new and interesting people

7. Practising the Law of Attraction

8. Learning lots of new things

9. Growing my online business

10. Spending time with my family and going on new adventures together

11. Spending more time with my girlfriends

12. Growing my garden

13. Running in nature

14. Trying new wine

15. Being creative and working on creative projects

16. Helping my kids overcome their individual challenges

17. Creating a wonderful home for our family to enjoy

My goal document digs deeper into each of these areas, defining the specific ways I want to achieve the above objectives, but at a top level this is what I hope my life looks like in 2021.  

So now that I’ve shared mine, I hope you’ll share yours with me – feel free to comment below… 

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