ACTease February 2014

“I ain’t no saint, but I’ve tried never to do anything that would hurt my family or offend God … I figure all any kid needs is hope and the feeling he or she belongs. If I could do or say anything that would give some kid that feeling, I would believe I had contributed something to the world,” Elvis Presley once commented to a reporter in the 1950s (source: Elvis fan or not, there’s something captivating about Alfred Wertheimer’s images of the fresh-faced 21-year-old Elvis Presley. Perhaps it is the genuine passion for music that Presley demonstrates in his performances, or the humility towards his fans that Wertheimer has conveyed so convincingly in his images. Read more…

Alfred Wertheimer, ‘On train’, New York to Memphis, July 4, 1956 © Alfred Wertheimer. All rights reserved.

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