Melburnin’ August 2012

Nikki Toole, ‘Caroline Dynybil, Skatehalle, Berlin, Germany’ 2010, inkjet print. Reproduced courtesy of the artist.
I remember my first skateboard clearly. It was a hand-me-down from a cousin and featured a motorbike on the ‘deck’ (board bit you stand on) with unmistakable red and white branding from a well-known cola company underneath. I was a spectacularly bad skater-girl – twenty-four years later my damaged tailbone is still keeping my Chiro in business – and quickly learned that the safest position for me to remain on a skateboard was sitting down. Of course it was more difficult to propel myself along sitting down, which was where my dog Coco came in handy. I would throw a tennis ball and hold onto her leash as she chased it, pulling me along at the same time. Fortunately for other dogs, there are more talented skateboarders than myself, as Nikki Toole discovers. Read more…

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