DEC11/JAN12: Melburnin’ by Courtney Symes

December is a tricky month. In addition to work and everyday life, we find ourselves squeezing in frantic Christmas shopping, trying to meet unrealistic work deadlines to ‘get it done before Christmas’, packing in the Christmas parties (and discretely nursing hangovers at work the next day). To top this off, artists and galleries seem to be on a mission to showcase their finest exhibitions to woo us through their doors at this busy time of year. This month NGV have pulled out the big guns with highly anticipated exhibitions such as The Mad Square and British Watercolours 1760-1900, and we are spoilt for choice with a plethora of exciting exhibitions from ACCA, [MARS] and more. We hope you can survive the silly season, cause we don’t know where to start! Read more…

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