Create Order Tip #3: Schedule

Create Order Tip #3: Schedule

Now that you’ve determined the people and things that matter most to you in life, and made a To-Do list of your priorities, it’s time to schedule these in.

Take a look at your diary, or find a blank weekly calendar online to print off.

First, schedule in the activities and appointments you have for the week ahead. This is something you probably do already, but this next part is where the magic happens.

Look at your list and identify the things you’d LIKE to do, but never have enough time to do, such as exercising, catching up with friends, or a hobby, such as sewing, playing a musical instrument, etc. Now schedule this “fun” activity in at least once during the week (more if you can manage it). You might need to get creative about the time slot this fits in – such as early in the morning, during your lunch break or before bed. Fitting it in may also require you “dropping” something else, such as less time spent watching TV, (or even cleaning!).

The purpose of this exercise is to help you fit in more fun. This will in turn help you stay calmer and content in other areas of life, because you feel like you have dedicated some time and space to yourself. It will ALSO help you to identify the small pockets of time available during your day, as well as the activities that take up time, such as watching TV, that could be spent doing something else you love. For example, I find if I leave my piano open with a piece of music set up, I am more inclined to sit down and play for 5 minutes when I’m walking past or waiting for the kettle to boil. I find it harder to play if I feel I have to dedicate 30 minutes to it everyday, but 5 minute pockets are easier to find. And some time spent doing something you love is better than no time, right?