Goal Kicker #1

Goal Kicker #1

As much as I love New Year’s resolutions, there are also other opportunities to set goals throughout the year that we can take advantage of.

The challenge with setting goals at the beginning of the year, is that as soon as the “shiny newness” of the new year dulls we often loose our focus and enthusiasm for the goals we’ve set.

That’s why I’m a huge fan of referring to our goals everyday, every week and every month so we can keep working towards them, or even re-evaluate if necessary.

This month I will be taking stock and focusing on working through my important goals, and I hope I can help and inspire you to do the same.

Every day this month, I will be sharing a goal-themed quote to help keep us on track so we can start 2022 strong!

As a handy resource, I have created a FREE Goal Kicker Template pack which will help you to:

🌟IDENTIFY your goals with the Goal Masterplan Template
🌟FOCUS on your most important goals with the Top Goal Template
🌟PLAN your goals step-by-step with the Goal Kicker Template

Make your plan and set your goals to start 2022 on a high TODAY!