The Joy of Journaling: Craig Carter

The Joy of Journaling: Craig Carter

Craig Carter’s journaling practice started when he was a kid. Although Craig now uses an electronic journal, the benefits are still the same. Here are some of Craig’s other journaling tips and insights:

1. Why do you keep a journal? What do you think are the main advantages of journaling?

I keep a journal because it helps to relieve anxiety and keep me focused on what’s going on in my life.

2. How long have you kept a journal for and why did you start?

I’ve kept journals since I was a kid. I started because I wanted somewhere where I could write about my personal life.

3. How often do you write in your journal – have you established a regular habit, or do you just write when you need to? How much do you write?

I just write what I need to as it can be challenging to maintain a regular habit with how busy my life is. I generally write around 200-500 words per entry.

4. What sort of journal do you write in? Do you write by hand in a notebook or electronically on your computer or other device?

I write in an electronic journal these days.

5. Do you have any challenges journaling, e.g. not writing as consistently as you’d like, not having time to write, not knowing what to write, finding the right journal, etc

I wish I had time to write more consistently.

Craig Carter has 21 years experience in sales, management and operations including the last 8 years managing finances and 2 years managing marketing and ecommerce. Learn more at

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