The Joy of Journaling: Jessie Parker

The Joy of Journaling: Jessie Parker

As a FIFO wife and busy mum of three, Jessie Parker knows that the struggle of maintaining a consistent journaling practice is real! However, Jessie has found success by streamlining her journaling routine and paired it with some beautiful rituals to keep her on track. Here are some of her other helpful tips:

1. Why do you keep a journal? What do you think are the main advantages of journaling?

I keep a journal to help set intentions, reflect and find a moment of calm amongst the chaos of life. I feel like I can get all the ideas and thoughts swirling in my head, out onto paper and I feel more centred and focused to begin my day.

2. How long have you kept a journal for and why did you start?

I’ve kept a journal for over 5 years but have journaled more consistently over the past year. I began journaling because I’ve always found putting pen to paper really therapeutic and it helps declutter my brain when I’m feeling overwhelmed. The positive effect it has on my mental health is what keeps me going.

3. How often do you write in your journal – have you established a regular habit, or do you just write when you need to? How much do you write?

These days I try to write in my journal every day. I do a quick morning routine where I light some incense, write a paragraph or so including some bullet points to create my ‘to-do’ list for the day, then if I feel like it I’ll pull an oracle or tarot card and write a little bit about what I feel that means. Overall, the process is brief because I found a short routine easier to stick to.

4. What sort of journal do you write in? Do you write by hand in a notebook or electronically on your computer or other device?

I have always handwritten my journals because I like the feeling of putting pen to paper, I love a fine tip pen, too – there’s something so satisfying about writing with a good pen. I’ve bought different journals over the years but currently I’m using a sketchbook that I bought from Kmart – the paper is a nice weight and I like that it isn’t lined. Plus, it’s the perfect size and has a plain black cover which I’ve added some stickers and other things to, to personalise it a bit.

5. Do you have any challenges journaling, e.g. not writing as consistently as you’d like, not having time to write, not knowing what to write, finding the right journal, etc.

My biggest challenge when it comes to journaling is finding the time and staying consistent. My husband works away and we have three kids (and a dog!), so I don’t have a lot of time each morning, which is why I wanted to set up a journaling practice that was simple and didn’t take long. The fact it only takes around 10 minutes all up has been the biggest factor in allowing me to be consistent.

Jessie Parker is a mum-of-three, FIFO wife and business owner who loves to help other women un-complicate the juggle of running a business alongside motherhood. Learn more about Jessie at

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