Working from home tips: Angel Santiago,

Working from home tips: Angel Santiago,

Our Working from Home Tips series is back for 2021. Whilst restrictions have eased in quiet a few countries, for many, working from home has become a new way of life – at least for a couple of days a week. Working from home provides so many lifestyle benefits – even if it’s just reclaiming more time in your day by not having to commute. We hope this is a lifestyle trend that will continue for those who have enjoyed this change in their life. In this post we caught up with Angel Santiago, who shared his top three tips:

1. Get buy-in from the family

This new way of working has turned the 9-5 into a group effort. What worked for me was sitting my family down and having a discussion around needs and expectations.

2. Have a hard stop on every day 

Whether that’s 5pm or some other time, there needs to be a time when you turn off your work devices and walk away. I struggled with this and it took away from my family time.

3. Schedule breaks to be with your family

At an office, we’d all walk around and take part in idle office chitchat – the same thing needs to happen at home. I schedule 15 min blocks, where I deliberately break up my day to spend time with my family.

Angel Santiago is a husband, father, veteran, and entrepreneur dedicated to making a lasting impact on his community by becoming a champion for the underserved and underrepresented. Learn more at

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