Words of Wisdom from Whatever Arises Love That: A Love Revolution That Begins With You by Matt Kahn

Words of Wisdom from Whatever Arises Love That: A Love Revolution That Begins With You by Matt Kahn

Whatever Arises Love That: A Love Revolution That Begins With You was my first taste of Matt Kahn’s work, and I’m hooked. I immediately subscribed to his newsletter and am on the hunt for his other books, in particular, Everything Is Here to Help You: A Loving Guide to Your Soul’s Evolution. Reading Whatever Arises Love That was like receiving a warm hug from the universe, and many of Matt’s experiences resonated with me. These were the top learnings and inspiring quotes I took away from the book: 

1. The Universe is your teacher

“Whether you know it or not, all orchestrations, encounters, and outcomes are created by the universe as a way to help you expand to full capacity and realise the truth of your divine nature.”

2. Don’t lose sight of the what’s right in front of you

One Halloween Matt recalls this realisation: “My friends and I, dressed in our favourite costumes, were so focused on getting as much free candy and covering as many neighbourhoods as possible, we didn’t take the time to even give much eye contact or a “thank you” to those who filled our bags. In the same way, you can be so blinded by the number of mystical experiences you collect or how much understanding you hope to find that you may not even take the time to wholeheartedly receive the gifts that have been given to you.”

3. Mind your self-talk 

“If it’s not the way you would talk to a child in need, it shouldn’t be the way you talk to yourself.”

4. Just listen

“The greater interest you show in others, without needing to interrupt anything they say, the more you allow them to feel authentically seen and heard. This increases the likelihood that they will find the motivation to hear and see themselves more often.”

5. Be mindful of your response to situations

“If others shout, you choose to listen. Since shouting can only occur through shallow breathing, you slow down and calm your breath. When others are tense and rigid, you relax your body. If others complain, you respond with a compliment. If you feel dominated by the energy, words, or actions of another, the law of polarity inspires you to back away and give them more time and space so they can be with themselves on a more intimate level.”

6. You are not a victim to other people’s reactions

“You don’t need anyone to act in a certain way in order to feel the harmony, bliss, and joy that life always provides.”

7. Take one moment at a time

“Despite how anyone around you chooses to be, the difference between perceiving a life of synchronicity versus a world of endless stress solely depends on how do you speak, breathe, and move – from one moment to the next.”

8. Only you can do you

“Everyone has a unique personality, which carries a one-of-a-kind vibrational frequency that no one else in history can deliver to this planet.”

9. Ego is simply an inflamed personality

Typically, the word inflammation is associated with the different ways that bodies respond to their environment. This could include reactions to certain types of food in which allergens are capable of producing an inflammatory or toxic response in the body. Ego is what happens when the personality gets inflamed.”

10. Don’t hide from the world or you will miss important lessons

“One of the most common themes I’ve seen throughout all stages of spiritual development is a tendency to be awake in private and inflamed in public. This can influence energetically sensitive beings to stay secluded at home or entrenched in spiritual communities, while withdrawing from the world in view. Hiding from the world is mostly due to not knowing how to respond to the unresolved debris sensed in the energy field of others.”

11. Rather than supressing, replace feelings of “sadness” and “fear” with love

Just like fear, moments of sadness cannot be defeated, cured, or overcome. They can only be transformed through your willingness to love.”

12. Choose your response

No matter how misunderstood you seem to feel, you can infuse any experience with heart-centred consciousness simply by choosing a more inspired way to respond.”

13. Whistle while you work

“While success in many areas of life may be contingent upon getting things done, the rewards of spiritual evolution are discovered when the way you approach each task is equally as important as the goal at hand. When you are able to be relaxed during your daily activities, your heart can stay open more freely. This allows your mind to rest in a natural state of silence so you can focus on being as thoughtful and caring as you are driven to thrive and succeed. Even when you notice how tense, rigid, frustrated, or short-tempered you seem to be, this can only be a reminder to slow down into a more harmonious flow.”

14. Look for the opportunities in life to learn more lessons

In every chapter of your life, there is no wrong doing or mistakes to confess. They are merely opportunities to notice suffering, stress, judgement, aggression, or pain as signs to balance your assertiveness with heart-centred care.”

15. Find the beauty in the little things

“Just by catching a glimpse of something that passes you by, you are acknowledging the innocence and beauty of its existence, simply by allowing it to come into view. This is the gift of significance. Whenever life is honoured with significance, every person, place, and thing can be celebrated for the vital and equal role it plays throughout the divine plan. Since everything is composed of matter, the consciousness within each form remembers how important it is – when invited to be seen. As you realise the powerful gift of significance that can be offered to the world, the beauty and innocence of all begins to shine through at a more accelerated rate.”

16. Slow down and enjoy the ride – life is not a race

“The faster you try to make it go, the higher the RPMs will rev, which inevitably results in the combustion of the engine. While you could conceivably live your life at such a frenetic pace, waiting for your nervous system to crack in order for consciousness to expand, loving what arises offers a far gentler and more direct way to enter the doorway of eternal freedom.”

Learn more at www.mattkahn.org and purchase the book here

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