Working from home tips: Gabor Fograsi, Linkedin Coach

Gabor is a Linkedin Expert, who worked from home prior to the pandemic. These are his top tips for working from home:

1. Get a proper desk, chair, and a huge monitor for your laptop. 

I know, most workplaces are not paying for these, but this is where you are spending 10 hours a day, so you might as well make it comfortable, and ergonomic. In the long run, this chair-desk-monitor combo can help you avoid medical problems, such as eye-problems, headaches, and spine issues.

2. Get a comfortable mouse and an expensive keyboard too.

These will also make you more productive, allow you to work faster, and prevent medical conditions.

3. Get dressed

Some experts tell you to dress up as you’d go to the office. Shirt, dresses, the whole nine yards. That may be an overkill, but definitely get changed from your pyjamas, do your hair, wash your face. Try to look decent, as people will see you on calls, and your looks will shape their opinion of you.

4. Communicate with your colleagues more frequently, be present in discussions! 

It’s very easy to be silent, and not present in the virtual office life. And that is the way to be forgotten, losing promotion opportunities, or your job. You’d like to avoid this being said at a management meeting: “Oh, Steve? I haven’t heard from him for a while now, I’m not really sure what he is doing.”

Gabor Fograsi is a Linkedin Coach, helping people to get noticed by headhunters. Learn more at

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