Working from home tips: Daniel Caughill, The Dog Tale

Freelancers and people working from home quickly realise how easy it is to blur the lines between work and home time. Daniel’s shares his advice on how to combat this:

1. Build walks into your daily schedule

When I first started working from home, it was common for me not to step outdoors between Sunday night and Friday evening, and it takes a toll on your ability to focus! Nothing brings clarity like a good mid-day walk.

2. Schedule a hard start and end time to your day

The lines between work and home life can quickly become blurred when you work from home, so it’s best to stick to a hard start and end time so you don’t find yourself answering work emails from bed at 11 pm.

3. Build household chores into your schedule

One of the perks about working from home is the ability to start the slow-cooker mid-day or to straighten up the living room during lunch. But if you don’t create clear times for doing various tasks, your home will constantly be beckoning you with distractions. By building these chores into one master schedule for your day, you’ll know when to do these tasks and when to say no.

Daniel is a professional journalist, marketer, and one of the co-founders of The Dog Tale.

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