Can’t or won’t?

In her book, Everything is Figureoutable, Marie Forleo talks about the concept of can’t vs won’t. There is an infinite difference between these words. Consider where have you have used them before… 

  • I can’t get up early to go to the gym 
  • I can’t go for that promotion 
  • I can’t apply for that job 
  • I can’t make that call
  • I can’t loose weight
  • I can’t run a marathon 

You know how it goes. Marie suggests replacing can’t with won’t. Seriously – try it. The meaning completely changes!

For me, the difference is that can’t is controlled by someone else, and won’t is controlled by us. And that’s ok. Maybe you won’t go to the gym early in morning because you have small children who wake up multiple times during the night. So when else could you go to the gym, or how else could you incorporate exercise into your day?

You won’t apply for that job of promotion because you don’t feel you have the skills to meet that position. So get qualified.

What’s the worst that could happen if you make that call?

Weight loss and marathon running all start with one small change or step. 

What was the last thing you said you can’t to, and if you changed this to won’t, what would change? 

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