ACTease June 2014

One of the secrets of a successful landscape artist and landscape photographer, I believe, is their ability to interpret and capture light in their works. Landscape paintings are a personal favourite of mine, and I had high hopes for Canberra Museum and Gallery’s exhibition, Elioth Gruner: the texture of light. I was not disappointed. The works selected for the exhibition showcased Gruner’s talent not only as an artist, but as an Australian landscape artist, which is no mean feat when you consider the diversity of the Australian landscape. Australia is a country of extremes – weather, seasons, colours, and changing light levels. To effortlessly capture all of these variables is a remarkable achievement, and clearly a life-long pursuit for Gruner. Read more…

Dean Butters, ‘On The Wall Behind Her, Written On Brown Paper, Was A Quote From Tolstoy That Read ‘What A Strange Illusion It Is To Suppose That Beauty Is Goodness’’ (detail) 2012-2013, lambda print, 80 x 120 cm

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