Part 2: 76th Tokyo International Gift Show – The Logistics

…continuing on from last week’s post about the Tokyo Gift Fair, Courtney offers some advice on getting around Tokyo:

Tokyo itself is also impressive: safe, clean, friendly, easy to get around, and not as expensive as I had imagined (prices for food and transport were the same, if not cheaper than Australia).

Our trip was facilitated by Australia company, Skyarc. Skyarc Director, Kenzo Selby assisted in organizing our accommodation and provided other useful local information on the Gift Fair and getting around Tokyo. Kenzo is a fluent Japanese speaker (having lived in Japan for a number of years) and assisted us in arranging meetings with suppliers. He was available throughout the duration of the show to assist and answer any questions we had. We really appreciated this additional support from a fellow Aussie who had a good understanding of the Japanese market and culture. Read more…

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