Part 1: 76th Tokyo International Gift Show

I have one regret about our trip to Tokyo, and that’s that we didn’t discover Japan sooner. Our company was selected by the Tokyo Gift Fair Buyer Program facilitated by Skyarc this year. The purpose of this initiative is to increase international exposure to Japanese Gift and Homewares suppliers.

The Tokyo Gift Fair is the largest International Trade Show in Japan. Over 200,000 visitors attend and 2400 companies (4100 booths) exhibit at the Fair. The majority of exhibitors are from Japan, with a representation of exhibitors from other Asian countries such as China, Korea and Indonesia. The Fair also has international areas where products from specific counties such as U.S.A, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China were showcased. The majority of visitors are from Asia. We bumped into a few Americans, but overall the number of international buyers was limited. Read more…

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