Sunday, March 2, 2014

Submerge: 10 years in the making of

Film review for Trouble Magazine:

The reality of being an ‘overnight-success-story’ is a rare phenomenon, particularly in the creative industry. As an art enthusiast, writer, and small business owner, I have first-hand experience of the years of hard work and dedication required to get most creative projects off the ground, which is why I wasn’t especially surprised to learn that Australian feature film, SUBMERGE (released 1 March) was ten years in the making. Read more...

 Jordan (Lily Hall)

 Angie (Christina Hallett)


Delilah (Georgia Bolton)

 Jordan (Lily Hall)


Saturday, March 1, 2014

ACTease March 2014

The things that inspire artists constantly amaze and excite me. It could be a word, a feeling, their home or local environment and surroundings that trigger the greatest creative sparks. The beauty of these humble catalysts is that they are often things that are close to the artists’ hearts, and by viewing their work, you become closer to them not only as an artist, but as a person. Responding to these feelings (even it that means revealing personal vulnerabilities) through their practice is one of the bravest and most admirable characteristics of an artist. I love Tasmanian artist Philip Wolfhagen’s honesty when he labels himself as a “stay-at-home kind of artist”, as well as his desire “to paint what I understand and love and not rush about being a tourist artist”. Read more...
Hanna Hoyne and Amelia Zaraftis, 'do not crush' 2013, pigment on rag, 43cm x 64.5cm.